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Easy to use.
Neets AV control systems are designed for one purpose: enabling users to access all needed functions with the utmost in simplicity and reliability. In some systems, no user interface is required. Simply turn on the computer or video source and all projector and screen functions are automatic. At the next level, various functional options can be accessed via wall-mount or podium-mount button panels. In other cases, smart devices like iPads can be the control panel.

Easy to install.
Ease of installation is designed into every product. Hardware modules are designed for quick mounting in standard receptacles, with nearly all connections on Phoenix-type screw terminals.
At Neets we also make amplifiers, switches and relay boxes to ensure the installation process is straightforward and streamlined.

Easy to program configure.
All Neets controllers are configured fast using Windows-based Neets Project Designer software. Even the most complex AV control systems can be configured in minutes using an intuitive graphical interface. You can configure additional rooms with identical controls in a matter of seconds by simply using copy and paste. Configurations are loaded via LAN, RS-232 or front-panel USB port.
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